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The Manresa Society

Members of The Manresa Society

The Manresa Society consists of those members of the Saint Ignatius High School community who have designated the school as a beneficiary in their estate plan. Whether the gift be cash, stock, property, an annuity, or another giving option, all planned gifts will help ensure that Saint Ignatius remains a strong, viable institution attainable to all young men regardless of their family's economic circumstances. Joining the Manresa Society cements your legacy at Saint Ignatius forever.

If you have made arrangements for a gift to Saint Ignatius in your estate planning and wish to be listed as a member or if you would like more information on The Manresa Society, please contact the Advancement Office at (216) 651-0222, ext. 228, or email.

Saint Ignatius High School thanks the members of The Manresa Society listed below.

Manresa Society Members

Carl A. Acker '54

+Rev. John J. Andel '28

+Dennis B. Andrae

+Raymond W. Arth '38

Gail & Robert Banoczi '56

+Nora Barrett

+Thomas J. Barrett, M.D. '41

Thomas V. Basehart '50

William C. Bentler, Jr. '56

Dr. Edward J. Berkich '53

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bine III '58

Joseph L. Bitzan, M.D. '43

George R. Blaha '57

George V. Blaha '82

F. William Boufford '57

Nancy & +Robert Bouhall '48

Alice Bowles

+Evelyn B. Braun

+Richard M. Brennan '50

+Mr. and +Mrs. Alphonse J. Brielmaier L'21

Louis J. Brodnik '66

James A. Brown '50

Alfred J. Buescher '44

+Charles F. Cadek

+John J. Carey '39

Peter A. Carfagna '71

Kevin M. Carome '74

+Joseph P. Cassidy '46

+John and +Loretta Cavaluchi

+Mr. Gerald A. Cerny '48

Richard A. Chervenak '61

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cleary '52

+Mr. and +Mrs. Robert J. Cleary '39

+Dr. and Mrs. James E. Coan '41

Edward J Conrad, Jr. '49 and Joan A. Conrad

Robert J. Conrad '82

+Rev. James A. Conry '43

+James P. Conway '42

+Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Corrigan '44

+Dr. Peter J. and Mae A. Corrigan '39

Theodore L. Cover '55

Mr. and +Mrs. James L. Cox '43

William J. Coyne '53

Rev. John R. Creagh '72

Joseph John Csaszar '62

William J. Dawson '58

Brian E. Dean '82

+Donald C. DeChant '47

+Gilbert P. Deering '18

J.R. Deery '47

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. DeGrandis '79

+Rt. Rev. Msgr. Robert D. Delmege L'16

Roseanne and Michael F. Deucher '86

+Anthony G. Dietz '23

James R. Dillhoefer '49

Brittan & Fred D. DiSanto '80

+Bert J. Dittenberger

+William J. Donahue

Dr. Joseph R. Dorchak '52

Patricia Dorenkott

Donald A. Dudick '59

+Angela and +F. W. Dugan '25

+James T. Duhigg '42

+Robert S. Duniec '61

Kevin '78 and Ann Durkin

Thomas M. Durkin '64

Dr. and +Mrs. Kenneth Eberhard '44

+Mr. & +Mrs. William J. Eckert

Robert A. Eikel

Rev. Msgr. William E. Elliott '52

+Aranka Fabian

+Michael S. Fazio

+Egbert R. Ferguson, Jr. '29

+Dr. Joseph A. Fitzgerald '42

+Matthew A. Fitzgerald '30

Dr. Joseph J. Flood '70 and Dr. Jeanne M. Likins

+ Vernon J. Foecking '51

+Mary Foley

+Andrew K. Foy '42

Michael J. and Julie A. Frantz

+ Dolores M. and + Richard S. Freedman '56

+Thomas E. Freeley '42

+Andreas & Katharina Friedrich

Reynold F. Frutkin '56

Bernard J. Gallagher '55

+Frank A. Garry `52

+Robert D. Garry '43

+Susan R. and Timothy A. Garry '53

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaul '64

+Patrick E. Gavin '37

Michael E. Gibbons '70

Arthur E. Gibbs III '87

Mrs. Esther Gilliam

+John T. Gladis '52

+Joseph A. & +Virginia Gladstone

+P. Rita Glorioso

+Charles A. Good '47

Michael J. and Kathleen Grady

Edward A. Graves '48

+John '50 and +Mary Ellen Grecol

Kathleeen L. and James E. Grimmer '57

+Judge & +Mrs. Robert J. Grogan '43

Tom and Bridget Guarente

Alex C. Guira, M.D. '54

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hach '72

Joseph F. & Andrea L. Hahn

Erin B. Hall

+Edward C. Hawkins '45

Francine M. and Thomas A. Hayden '60

Judy and Bill Head '60

+Dr. Bernadine Healy

+James J. Henesey '50

+Ms. Margaret C. Hennessey

William C. Henry '72

+Ralph P. Higgins '47

Ralph P. Higgins, Jr. '73

Jack A. Hilovsky '81

Thelma Holland

Gregory T. Holtz '70

+Erin C. Hookey '87

John and Patricia Horvath

Thomas D. Horvath '65

Richard C. Horwitt '61

John R. Hoy '50

Monica & Gerald Hulvat '65

James J. Hummer '72

Dwayne L. Hunn '61

+Edward and Mary Terese Hurley

+Edward & +Mary Inithar

+William A. Jacubec '30

Michael J. Johns '55

+Leo J. Joliet '43

+James P. Keane '41

Thomas A. Kearney '65 and Sharon A. Fischer

Maureen & Jack Kelley

+Frances & Lawrence P. Kelley '32

Rosanne Tinnirello Kelley

+James P. Kelly '43

+Patrick J. Kelly '45

James R. & Eleanore J. Keogh

+Eugene F. Keppler '46

+Thomas J. Kilbane '55

Martin J. Kilfoyle '73

Michael and Karen Killeen

+Mr. & +Mrs. Roger F. Knittel

+Mrs. Carmen Koch

Dr.and Mrs. John Kostohryz

James A. Kozel '70

Tom and Chris Kroeger

William J. & Patricia Kurzenberger

Maria E. & Gregory S. Latran '80

+Helen Ledger

Jeffrey T. Leitch '71

+Robert A. Leitch '42

+Fred A. Lennon

Bob '61 and Debi Lenox

Elizabeth & Frederic G. Leonow '61

Carol S. and Ralph E. LeRoy, Jr. '54

+Rose M. Litzler

William R. Litzler '59

+Mr. and +Mrs. Francis J. Lohn '28

+Don F. Mack '52

+Lawrence R. Madigan

Janet and John W. Mahon '52

+Howard J. Mahoney '36

Peter J. Mahoney '50

+James R. Major '47
Robert N. Mallardi '56

John T. Mannen, Jr. '69

Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Mansour

+Roland G. Marquard '27

David K. Maskell '55

+John J. Mathews '43

+Willard J. Maurer '32

Thomas J. Mawby '55

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McAuliffe '80

+Dennis M. P. McCarthy '61

Sheila & Jeff McCormick '83

+Kevin M. McDonald '62

Holly & Thomas B. McGowan '62

Daniel J. McGuire '81

+Joseph T. McIntyre '40

+Dr. John J. McLaughlin '38

Mrs. Darlene Meges & Dr. Daniel L. Meges '65

Kathleen N. and Joseph B. Michael '72

+Robert A. Minnery '47

Nancy H. And William J. Montwieler '63

Robert M. Mooney '64

+Thomas J. Moran '59

Hugh 47 and Doris Morgan

+Patrick J. Morgan '62

Thomas J. Mosack '72

John L. Murphy '62

John R. Murphy '44

+Murlan J. Murphy, Sr. '36

+Dr. & +Mrs. Rudolph P. Nadbath '32

+Charles J. Neff '45

James J. Neforos '57

John G. Nestor '63

+Bernadine Nieberding

Robert I. Niles, M.D. '53

Charles J. Nock

+Mr. & Mrs. William L. Normile '36

+Joseph T. O'Brien '27

Kevin T. O'Connor

+Agnes P. O'Donnell

+Grace K. O'Donnell

+L.K. O'Donnell '46

Patricia A. O'Donnell

Patrick & Kendra O'Donnell

+Nancy A. and +Thomas M. O'Donnell '54

Gerald P. O'Malley '58

+Thomas F. O'Malley, Sr. '46

+Hugh O'Neill '40

James B. Parent

Mr. Thomas J. Pasko, Hon '96

Patricia & William K. Patterson '60

+Thomas F. Patton '21

Thomas C. & Elsa M. Pavlik

+Anthony J. Pekol '42

+Margaret R. Pendergast

Brian C. Perry '78

Rev. Mark J. Peyton '69

Anthony J. Pfenning '58

+Joseph Z. Pinczuk

Michael T. Pojman '71

+Paul J. Pojman '35

Robert J. Porter '52

+Ann K. Posch

+Ruth N. Preusser

+William A. Primavesi '43

+Rev. Anthony J. Prosen, Ph.D. '57

Joseph E. Radican '57

Lynne and Jim Rambasek '62

Kathleen & Leo R. Reichard '50

Patricia M. and William E. Reichard '57

Daniel W. Renz '93

Thomas A. Richlovsky '69

Michael G. Riley '74

Kevin E. Riordan

+James R. Ripton '49

Michael G. Romanello '98

Sara & David G. (Gary) Ross '60

+Richard J. Roth '59

Jeanine & +William R. Ryan '53

Mr. and + Mrs. William J. Saas '58

+Julius L. Sabo '54

Rick '66 and Penny Sabolik

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Scanlon '56

James F. Schmitt '77

John J. Schmitt '71

Beverly & Joseph G. Schneider '51

Edward J. Schnell '70

Harry R. Schoepe '55

Susan & Chris Schraff '65

Gerald F. Schroer, Jr. '82

+ Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Schroer

+ Glen L. Schuman '52

Joseph L. Shay '55

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Shemo '61

Donald C. Shina, M.D.

+Edward F. Slane '35

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh E. Smith '52

Terrence '77 and Amy Smith

Mrs. Paul M. Sofia

George C. Soos '70

John D. Southworth '63

+Charles E. & +Mary Jane Spahr

John R. Spaniol '49

+Gary W. Spatz '68

Mr. & Mrs. C. Anthony Stavole '51

Marie & Norbert Stransky '72

Joseph and K.K. Sullivan

+Mr. & +Mrs. Regis Sullivan

+Joseph J. Sussen, Jr. '43

Michael Sutila '75

John J. Sygielski '77

+William J. Taber '50

Arthur L. Thomas

Brett E. Tijanich '93

+Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tinnirello '85

+Donald P. Traci '44

John R. Treible '60

Joseph & Lorraine Tumolo

Michael J. Vinarcik '86

+Ralph Vince

+William A. Walker '47

+Michael J. Walsh '31

+Cecilia K. Walter

+Emory L. Walter '39

+ Robert F. Walter '55

+Robert J. Walters '42

+Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wasmer, Jr. '41

Drs. Dorothy & Richard Weber '62

Stanley F. Weber '54

+Susan M. Weber

John and Tina Weisenseel

Robert A. Werner '64

+William B. West '27

Joseph F. White '56

+John D. Wiedt '33

+Msgr. George Francis Winca '30

+Charles L. Zabor '47

Angela & Robert J. Zavagno '82

+Joseph E. Ziebert '39

+William Zivoder '30

+ Deceased

The Story Behind the Name

Shortly after his conversion, St. Ignatius of Loyola stopped in the small Spanish town of Manresa along the Cardoner River. His intention was to stay only a few days but he remained for ten months. It was in Manresa that the ideas and prayer experiences for what are now known as the Spiritual Exercises began to take shape.

It was also on the banks of the river that he had a vision, which is regarded as the most significant in his life. The vision was more of enlightenment, about which he later said that he learned more on that one occasion that he did in the rest of his life. St. Ignatius never revealed the exact content of the vision. However, it seems to have been an encounter with God that enabled him to see all of creation in a new light and meaning. This experience of seeing God in all things is one of the central characteristics of Ignatian spirituality.

Through his time at Manresa, he received the freedom to let go of his past and move on to begin what would eventually become the Society of Jesus.